Happy Monday,

My blogging job has come to an end after a year and a half and it’s back to the serious matter of ‘Shopping’ and sourcing good stuff, I’m now putting my personal stylist hat back on again and it’s a bit dusty, I can tell you! My website is up and running once more, after lots of technical confusion, all resolved now… Thanks Craig.

So I did go shopping yesterday  and went into Gap, I spied a really lovely pair of boots, (they do great shoes), grey suede ankle boots with a block heel and at a really reasonable price. Also when the weather gets really cold, (and that could be the end of next week) there is a gorgeous red and white, thick knitted Fair Isle scarf, no need to worry about the rest of your outfit, the scarf speaks for itself! And if you are on the look out for a small cross-the-shoulder handbag, they have  really gorgeous suede satchels in colours, mustard, teal and pink, that have been reduced to 30 quid, (my sisters favourite pair of italian suede ankle boots from the eighties, were that very same pink…I wonder if she still has them)  Emma x