The sun is shining and it is saturday…marvellous. If you have any spare time between domestic stuff and enjoying yourself, then check out these two great jackets, you may think you do not need a transitional jacket, but oh yes you do, (you will get lots of wear out of it) The mac or parka is fine, but because of our fabulous british weather, they end up being worn far too much and sometimes, something slightly smarter is called for. If you are rich, then Boden have got a tartan jacket (they describe as tweed), The British Tweed Blazer that’s really very nice, at £149 .

For a cheaper option, this Topshop jacket is £45 and is pretty lovely too. And if you want cheaper still, check out charity shops near you, those lovely old dears love their fitted tweed jackets and are donating mad! Also if you have a chance this weekend, check Boden out online, even if it’s just for the fantastic 1960’s beatnik styling, they have some really great pieces this season, the peplum top and matching tapered cropped trousers, look like they are a classic vintage find.  Emma x