Happy Bonfire Night!

We all love a bit of sparkle from time to time and Christmas is only 48 shopping days away, so now could be a great time to buy the perfect sparkly/shiny purse or clutch bag for all those Christmas parties. My lovely Mum has an amazing collection of beaded 1920s & 1930s purses that I borrow when I am in need something special. She has traipsed around many antique fairs to find them (with three bored and shouty kids in tow!). Obviously we all haven’t got the time or want to punish our kids that much, to hunt around second hand markets or antique fairs, so I have done the searching for you.

 A great bag can pull a look together, especially if you are opting for a black dress or wearing neutral colours. Both bags are from Topshop and both have been reduced within an inch of their lives. They look vintage, the first could be from the twenties and the other is pure eighties. And the best thing of all is, that they are only £12.00 each.

I also found this sequined top that would look great with the first purse combined with black trousers, or a black pencil skirt, but the purse is so pretty, if you were just dressed in black, it would work just as well.

Emma x