Glastonbury Festival kicks off tomorrow, so I am dedicating this blog to Glasto and ‘Festival Fashion’. I am sure in 1970, (the first Glastonbury) the last thing the revellers would be concerned about is what they were wearing, in fact clothes were not de rigueur in those days at Glasto, nakedness was the order of the day, with a few well placed garlands. At the last Glastonbury I attended, my clothes became irrelevant, as in the space of ten minutes, I was pushed into the mud head first by an over enthuisiastic teenager, I looked like a Abzorboloff from Doctor Who, as my fellow festival goers tried to wipe me down with tiny squares of toilet paper, a muddy football came hurtling from nowhere, hitting me squarely in the face…ah what fun we had, we left soon after. My experience hasn’t put me off, I love festivals, I met my husband at Glastonbury. The majority of people if asked ten years ago, would have rather opted for a root canal, then queue for stinky toilets, sleep in a rain soaked tent and eat falafel and doughnuts all weekend, but now going to a festival is part of our summer, some people even miss out on their holiday and go to a festival instead.

But whether your choice of festival this year is Bestival, Latitude, or one of the smaller festivals like Wilderness or Festival no 6, you will need to dress practically, but in that (I’ve just thrown this together, way)

Avoid Flip Flops, ankles need to be covered, who knows what you are stepping in, whilst visiting those portaloos and festivals can turn swampy. Wellies are the best option, if you don’t fancy knee length, go for ankle. All in ones, pant suits or dungarees aren’t the best idea when you are waiting in the toilet queue for half an hour. Make sure the jacket you are wearing is truely waterproof, you don’t want to find out it isn’t, when the heavens open. Jersey sweatshirts are better than wool, as wool is not pleasant when it is wet. Bag-wise, a good sized cross over bag is essential. Layering is a good move, as we never know what the weather will do, so if your a girl, a dress or shorts with an open shirt and sweatshirt round the waist, then clip your waterproof jacket to your bag and there will be no need to go back to your tent. And think ‘print’ for whatever you wear, as it hides a multitude of sins.

Here’s what’s out there for Festival Season.

Peter Storm Women’s Poncho Spot Print £18.00   Peter Storm Women’s Parka- in- a- Pack £15.00  

Office Hunter Chancery Black £135.00  

 John Lewis Derwent Biker Short Wellington Boots, Black £20.00  

Joules Womens Welly, Navflor Welly Print £24.95  Joules Womens Premium Welly, Black Evedon £39.95  £17.95

Marks and Spencer Limited Collection Cotton Rich Boyfriend Shorts £25.00 

 Nw3 Stitch Print T-Shirt £24.00 

Gap Broken in straight Khakis in Greenway £34.95 

Phase Eight Willow Oversize Top £14.00

French Connection  Sassy Sparkle Dress £34.50  French Connection Feline Wonder V-Neck Dress £89.00 

Gap 1969 Bleached Western Shirt £34.95  

Beyond Retro Shoulder Bag, Red £16.00  

Topshop Oversize Crop Sweat  green £20.00

And for my friend Cathy …here is that waterproof onesie you were looking for, (don’t do it!) 

Peter Storm Women’s Suit-in-a-Sack is £30.00  

Photos From Glastonbury 2005

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