When I was a teenager I wore a bright green fake fur coat, I wore that coat until my mum was so sick of it, she hid it. At the time I was affectionately known as Orville and to anyone who doesn’t know who Orville is, he is a green furry duckling who wears a nappy and speaks in high-pitched voice (not good I know!)  I loved fake fur so much, I was fine with being mocked, so I am thrilled to bits, that fake fur coats and jackets are everywhere this autumn/winter.

There are some fabulous offerings from high street stores and some gorgeous designer ones, if you have more money than sense.
My absolute favourite is the off white fur from M&S COLLECTION New Faux Fur Coat T497927 at £95.00, but M&S also do a great leopard print coat by LIMITED EDITION Animal Print Cocoon Coat T691617J now only £66.00. Or for the pricey option, check out the  Faux Fur Coat  £595 from Shrimps.

Photos of  Marlene Dietrich, Betty Blythe and Joan Bennett from A Certain Cinema