Anthropologie has been one of my favourite shops for quite a while. I first discovered it when a friend of mine who was living in New York, bought me the most beautiful set of 1930’s inspired plates. When I visited New York, it was always on my list of places to visit, now Anthropologie has come to the UK, I am pretty delighted.

The other day I wasted forty minutes or so gazing at everything in there, I would forgo a spa day for a couple of hours in Anthropologie, any day of the week (I don’t like steam rooms or walking around in my dressing gown and always feel like I have joined a religious sect) but…give me some beautiful printed tea towels and some lovely shoes that I can’t afford and I am happy.

                               Maressa Heels by Chocolate Schubar £138.00

Maressa Heels

                              Emiliana Suede Heels by Farylrobin £158.00


                              Eivissa Suede Heels by KMB £118.00

Elvissa Suede Heels

                               Ellington Yellow Print Flats by Cleo B £128.00

Ellington Yellow Flats

                              Zoe Wrapped Heels by New Lovers £168.00